Police Blotter

Beyond the coverage area
Finding your mom having sex in a parked car and seeing her naked partner running down Riverside Drive at 12:30 a.m. – there’s an app for that? Unfortunately, yes.

The strange turn of events of Nov. 27 were revealed when a woman, 35, flagged down police responding to a disturbance in the area, near Petaluma Ave. Recently separated from her husband, the woman found comfort, among perhaps other things, in the arms of a 25-year-old paramour. The tryst took place in the regrettably unromantic confines of the woman’s parked SUV, where the twosome slipped out of their clothes and into the back of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the estranged husband and the couple’s son, 14, were using a family-locator cell phone application to find her. The husband advanced to the parked car, thinking it empty. Upon opening the door, the amorous coupling was revealed, and the husband took exception to the tawdry display by pummeling the participants. The young suitor, stark naked, took off running down the street with the husband in hot pursuit, but evaded capture by his jealous rival.

The husband drove off, but returned after the police arrived and was arrested on a charge of domestic battery. With the scene secured by law enforcement, the naked man emerged from the bushes in which he had been hiding.

Attention Plaza shoppers
A tan Hyundai motoring along the Plaza at an unsafe speed drew the attention of police concerned about the amount of traffic – both vehicular and pedestrian – clogging the area in a whirl of post-Thanksgiving shopping on Nov. 26.

When a blocked intersection delayed his turn onto W. Spain, the 31-year-old driver flew into a rage, banging on the steering wheel and screaming obscenities into the crisp afternoon air. His anger grew hotter than a deep-fried turkey and, ultimately, like grandma’s gravy, it boiled over. He drove into the car in front of him, bumping it three times, finally pushing the ill-fated vehicle out of the way. The renegade then pulled around the smacked car and drove the wrong way down Spain St., cops on his tail.

A few evasive turns put him in the back parking lot of Plaza shop where he screeched to halt, exited the vehicle and fled on foot. (A male passenger, 31, was arrested on a warrant). Meanwhile, the manhunt was on, complete with coverage by the Sheriff’s helicopter. Witnesses, including one who saw the man crash through a fence at Westamerica Bank and into a backyard, helped keep police on the trail.

Some 30 minutes later, the varmint was found hiding in a tree on Claudia Drive. Once grounded, the quarry exhibited all manner of drunkenness, verbalized in a non-stop flurry of abusive expletives. He refused, again with profane vehemence, to take sobriety and any blood alcohol tests. Charges? Where to begin? Resisting a peace officer, DUI, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving and violating a probation that stipulated no booze… and, if the driver of the damaged car comes forward, maybe even hit and run.

Gone in 60 winks
After a divine Nov. 29 lunch at the Swiss Hotel, a day-tripper from Napa prolonged the afternoon’s pleasures with brief walk through the Square. A respite was called for, so the 66-year-old woman repaired to a park bench.

The interlude, during which she said she closed her eyes for a few moments, proved disastrous, for someone reached into her satchel and pinched her purse. Bad enough it was a Louis Vuitton ($500); worse, the purloined pair of diamond earrings was worth $10,000.

Drunk of the Week
It was 5:03 a.m. on Nov. 28 when residents of the 400 block of Bernice Lane were awakened by an idiot banging on cars. When officers caught up with the 21-year-old amateur percussionist, they asked him what he was up to. “Walking home from work,” he told them, which suggested a hellish commute as he said he got off at 3 p.m. the day before. The intervening hours were apparently lost to drink, and he was jailed for public intoxication. The violation of probation was duly noted as well.

Drive through service
Late Thanksgiving night hijinks on Saunders Way, where a rambunctious motorist pulled into Valley Oaks Park about 1 a.m. and did a doughnut. What, not enough pie at home?

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