Arrests & Incidents

November 6

Walking, with my baby, in the moonlight
Police officers are highly trained in the art of observation. Still, a teenager holding an occupied baby stroller over his head in a restaurant parking lot would be hard to miss. The responding cop was glad to discover, upon contacting the young male at Taco Bell, that the ‘baby’ was a plastic doll – a lifelike prop used in a high school class to teach parenting skills. Any chance of extra credit dried up like so much baby formula. The lad admitted he was on probation for burglary, which meant he had broken his 9 p.m. curfew by a good three hours. It also exposed him to a legal search, during which a plastic bag with two pills was found. The would-be dad, dropping rapidly to deadbeat status, said he scored the codeine (it was actually methadone) from a pal, and planned to sell it for $3 per pill. He was cited and released, baby stroller in tow, to his grandmother.

November 7

Smash, grab and go
Two overnight car burglaries had the clumsy signature of the same perpetrator. The window of a Saturn parked in the 19000 block of Robinson Road was found smashed, and a $100 Pioneer stereo ripped from the console. Nearby, at the bike path, a 1990 Chevrolet Silverado had been broken into, and stereo stolen, during the wee hours.

November 8

Hear me out
A gent on Claudia Drive reported that his hearing aid was missing, perhaps stolen, from his nightstand. It would be no small crime: the Miracle Ear system has a value of $2,300.

Rude creature
Dressing after gym class, a Sonoma Valley High School student found her $50 Vans shoes missing. They were later found in the backpack of a girl cutting class with a covey of cohorts along Nathanson Creek. The thief was in the same P.E. class, and said she took the shoes because, well, they were just sitting there. Unrepentant to the last, the 14-year-old Springs girl was cited for petty theft and possession of stolen property. “I don’t care,” she said.

November 9

Mixed signals
That man directing traffic on West Napa and Riverside at 7:40 p.m. was not, repeat not, acting in an official capacity when he stood in the street voicing obscenities and flipping off passing motorists. The 26-year-old man’s volunteer stunt ended with an arrest for public intoxication and he was trafficked to county jail.

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