Arrests & Incidents

October 22

Gone far enough
Got off and walked? A bicycle was found abandoned on the bike path at Fourth St. W. just before 8 a.m. The men’s 21-speed mountain bike, silver in color, wasn’t the hottest ride in town, but still. Or was it just a nice day for a stroll?

Dry clean only
The mother of a 10-year-old boy was doing laundry when she came across something stinky in the boy’s pants: marijuana, about a joint’s worth. He said a kid at school, El Verano Elementary, had given it to him, and he had forgotten it was in his jeans. His mom took him – by the ear, one hopes – to the school principal to sort out how the weed was procured. Seems an older gent, 13, had given the stash to the younger. Both were cited and will appear before Youth and Family Services.

Drunk of the Week
What’s worse, trying to break in to a relative’s house, your own house or the house you think is yours? The hubbub on the 200 block of W. MacArthur about 6:30 p.m. was a man reported by a female resident to be attempting to break in. Dispatch could hear the man pounding on the front door over the phone. Officers arrived to query the unwanted guest, who said he lived there — or certainly somewhere nearby. The human GPS became angry and abusive, and was jailed on a charge of public intoxication. Note to wasted dude: send sister-in-law something nice for Christmas; that was your brother’s house you were banging on.

Roving hands
A man in his yard near 300 E. Spain heard a car door open in the front driveway, and went to greet what he thought would be family member returning home. Instead, he encountered a thief busting into his own car, a gray Land Rover SUV. A white male, age 35-45, had opened the door of the vehicle and was rummaging through the console. The thief took off running, with the homeowner in hot pursuit. He did catch up, but thought better of a physical confrontation and went home. Cops searched the area, but the petty thief – he made off with $25 cash – was long gone.

October 23

Rampage, bloody rampage
A 21-year-old, high on life and rum and cokes, exited a Plaza bar and went on a rampage of vandalism that left a trail of breakage and blood nearly a mile long. Cops got the initial bead on the Santa Rosa man, 23, when they caught up with his two drinking pals in the bushes at St. Francis Solano Church. They, it turns out, were looking for their mate, who told them by phone to meet him there. From the start, at about 2 a.m., he had been toppling planters and signs as he went: there were five incidents, including knocking over an antique English phone booth, within the first two blocks of West Napa Street alone. Police picked up his trail, in blood, at the church and followed it down Napa St. to the Wells Fargo Bank, then through the Sonoma Market breezeway to the Spain Street parking lot. He made his way to Junipero Serra Drive, a string of upended garbage cans and debris in his wake, into a construction zone. Blocks of shiny signs were an easy target as the vandal careened down the street, throwing one sign through the window of a parked truck. Finally spent after his spree of mindless destruction, the lout was found sitting on a nearby sidewalk. He tried to concoct a story about being attached by three unseen men but the alibi, much like his cocktails, didn’t hold water. After getting his hand stitched up, the brute was jailed for public intoxication and felony vandalism.

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