Arrests & Incidents

October 15

If looks could kill

A pit bull pup unleashed a stir when it climbed onto a chair and over its backyard fence in the 800 block of West Spain. It entered the common area of an apartment complex and reportedly began barking and acting aggressively towards another dog whose owner, a 62-year-old woman, feared for her pet’s safety. After putting her dog inside, she was horrified to see a four-year-old neighbor near the pit bull, and pulled the girl to safety through her window. Lots of bark, perhaps, but certainly no bite: police said the dog was not aggressive when they arrived and happily agreed to a ride in the squad car. Still, a probable lecture to its owner about proper fencing.

Drunk of the Week

The pedestrian staggering along Fifth St. W. and Church was an easy mark. Not only was his unsteady (!) gait a giveaway, police recognized the gent from prior busts including a DUI conviction that stipulated no more alcohol. Likewise, the drunk recognized the arresting officer and the situational protocol. In regards to the imminent blood alcohol level test, he predicted his result would be .3, a number that would incapacitate those with mortal livers. He lost the bet (the result was .285) and then his freedom, at least for the night.

October 16

Zip it

No Bill and Monica jokes, please. Indecent exposure is a serious and frightening experience, even when selling cigars. It was 4:30 p.m. when a Hispanic male, 39, came into a Plaza shop. A nervous sort, he paced about with no real shopping intent. He feigned interest in cigar products, which the female clerk, 44, lowered herself down to retrieve. Still crouching, she turned around and saw a most regrettable site – the man’s penis protruding from an unzipped fly. He made no overt move towards her, and she told police she thought to herself, “I did not just see that.” Dumbfounded, she rang up the purchase and the man left. The severity of the encounter was sinking in when, an hour later, the man came back into the store. She quickly called police, who snagged the flasher at a nearby pub.

October 17

No exceptions

Once a case of domestic abuse is reported, responding police officers must determine who was the aggressor and then take that suspect away — even if the victim says never mind, I don’t want to press charges. Two male roommates could send the cops home without a bust, passing it off as beer-fueled horseplay, for example, but the law is different for couples, straight or gay. Such was the case on upper Broadway about 11 p.m. when two men, a couple of five years, finished drinking and began arguing. One punched the other and chased him down the stairs. When cops arrived, the victim had cooled down and said he didn’t want to press charges. Too late, the law says. The suspect, also wanted on a DUI charge, was booked for domestic battery, plus violating a probation that prohibited the use of alcohol.

Vehicle of interest

Have you seen a dark red VW sedan with a smashed front end? It was just such a vehicle that plowed into 2003 Honda Element parked on Charles Van Damme about midnight, a neighbor said. The impact pushed the Honda six feet forward and shed pieces of the suspect vehicle, including its VW hood emblem, onto the ground. The hit and run suspect, and mangled vehicle, remain at large,

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