Woody and Dwelly – a pair of New Age golf legends

When Team USA begins play in the Ryder Cup this weekend you won’t see the names of Scott Woodworth and Kevin Dwelly amongst the competitors.

However, that fact doesn’t lessen the impact and interest that the two Sonoma Valley residents share for the game of golf. Both have made their name in worldwide circles of golf, one as a top-ranked virtual golfer and the other as the head of one of golf’s fastest-growing clothing lines.

Kevin Dwelly, the only adult ever to be chosen Athlete of the Week by The Sun, is a bogey golfer on the course but has scored much lower in his living room as the eighth-ranked player in the world in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008, the video game produced by Electronic Arts of Sunnyvale. Dwelly has fired career low round of 48 (par 72) at the TPC Sawgrass course, his low for a virtual round.

Woodworth, on the other hand, is a fast rising icon in the multimillion dollar golf clothing industry. “Woody,” as he is known in golf circles, is the founder of Loudmouth Golf, a company known for its festive designs of golf shirts, pants, shorts and a line of women’s clothing.
However, the signature product of the clothing line is clearly mens long pants, including those worn by tour golfer John Daly. Other celebrities that have donned the Loudmouth gear include Alice Cooper and Fairplay.

In a recent round at Oakmont West, Dwelly showed up sporting some green Loudmouth pants. Just moments after arriving for the round at Oakmont, a fellow golfer approached Dwelly and asked if he could “touch the pants,” and was curious about the material making up the colorful composition of the pants.

Moments later, Woodworth arrived, adorned in a bright yellow ensemble covered head to toe in Loudmouth gear, his yellowness offset only by his white Loudmouth belt. Out on the course both Dwelly and Woodworth’s pants caused numerous conversations amongst fellow golfers, most frequently eliciting a “nice pants,” call.

Woody was quick to point out the reception of the pants has gone up tremendously in the last year. “Comments could be negative or positive. The comments have been more favorable recently, but it doesn’t matter as long as people talking about them,” says Woodworth.
One of the more surreal moments occurred when Woody asked Dwelly about using his achievements in Tiger Woods 2008 to shop in the virtual store and if he had purchased Loudmouth pants with his bonus points.

Asked if he felt any additional pressure to improve his golf game now that he is the front man for a word-wide golf clothing conglomerate, Woodworth stated, “ I’ve been trying to improve for 48 years I’ve realized now that’s not going to happen. I’ve decided to shelve that idea, and just have fun playing golf.”

Loudmouth, who in addition to making pants, makes shorts and a full women’s clothing line which includes shirts, skorts, and shorts has recently added visors and belts to its clothing line.

Loudmouth picked up some worldwide recognition during the past Winter Olympics when the Norwegian curling team donned the Loudmouth apparel, generating a buzz throughout the Olympic Village.

Almost overnight the Loudmouth website traffic exploded and the event resulted in notoriety on The Today Show, and shortly thereafter the members of the Today Show were sporting Loudmouth apparel on the set.

Asked to describe the allure of the Loudmouth apparel Woody says “the line is actually more of a fraternity or community type feel,”

Loudmouth will next be developing ski pants, all of which will no doubt be vibrantly colored on the slopes.

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