Etiquette takes a holiday

The Social Host Ordinance has a rather genteel sound to it, like it might stipulate the proper temperature at which gazpacho should be served, or where to seat an ex-wife at a dinner party. The relatively new tool helps police properly bust underage drinkers, as with the male juvenile, 15, passed out in his own vomit in Depot Park at 6:15 p.m. He and his three companions, all age 16, had found someone to buy them a cache of King Cobra malt liquor. The plan was to consume the beverage and go to the football game, but the one lad fell into a boozy coma. Police roused him for a trip to the emergency room and a charge of drunk in public. The others, all legally drunk with blood alcohol numbers likely rivaling their STAR test results, were rung up on the social host violation. The city prosecutor will decide the next move.

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