Black Cat Cabaret sells out – raised $120,000

Heart thumping music, incredible acts of daring and performers at their peak levels of ability were all on display as Pets Lifeline held their second annual Black Cat Cabaret at the Field of Dreams last Thursday and Friday. The talented troop of Las Vegas performers – all volunteers from their regular jobs with Cirque du Soleil’s KA – helped raise an impressive $120,000 for our local animal shelter.

As the evening got underway, a fast-paced array of acts took to the stage including a rodeo-inspired rope act complete with synth cowboy music and a hula-hoops-on-steroids ditty that looked like loads of fun to perform. Each act was better than the last with creativity that just kept on flowing as the performers moved effortlessly from one act to the next. There were aerial artists that defied gravity, pulling themselves up and away from the ground to suddenly drop straight down, unrolling themselves from cocoon-like sheaths of twisted fabric. And a dance number reminiscent of the unique musical theatre STOMP, from a performer with loose ties to the show.

Mistress of ceremonies Erica Linz kept the audience entertained with her witty banter and flirty behavior, much of it aimed at local auctioneer, Ed Vaughn, who took center stage during intermission to rattle off a number of high ticket auction items as well as a fund-a-need for the shelter’s spay and neuter program that netted more than $80,000.

“Almost as important as raising this level of money is illustrating to the community that Pets Lifeline is capable of great things.  We are dedicated to “raising the bar” for not only the health and welfare of our tiniest of wards residing in the shelter but the expectations from our entire community,” said Desiree Stinson, PLL executive director.

Photos by Melania Mahoney

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