Arrests & Incidents

July 31

A vacationing homeowner returned to the friendly confines of Ramon Street to find two planter pots missing from the front yard. Upon arising the next morning, additional thefts were discovered from the back yard: a 5’ bronze ballerina statue ($1,000) and a bird feeder ($200). Total value of departed objects qualifies the heist as grand theft, though police have no leads to follow. Nobody saw and only one neighbor heard the late-night activity, and dismissed it as animals moving about the backyard. Though accurate to a degree, the description may prove too vague to help investigators.

Drunk of the Week

A 45-year-old Sonoma woman was out for a late evening drive in her black BMW, wine glass at the ready, when she ran a stop sign on Riverside Drive. Police quickly intervened, and noted the driver’s sluggish and slurred speech as she joined the innumerable ranks who have uttered the words, “I can’t believe this is happening to me.” Her mood went from giggling to crying as she fumbled for her license. She admitted to consuming “more than I should have,” and inquired if the officer’s civic duty extended to taking her home and “tucking me in bed.” While failing a sobriety test, her mood swing stuck on sour. She refused all further tests and became verbally abusive. The former is an instant, uncontestable loss of license for at least one year; the latter sealed the arrest for DUI and a trip to the county slammer.

Packing it in

Sometime during a run of morning errands, a backpack was stolen from the front seat of an unlocked 1987 Ford Escort. The driver, a West Napa Street resident, said she was not sure at what stop the theft occurred. The pack, her son’s, contained some clothing, $100 in cash and miscellaneous items.

Hangover 2

Could a friend bring a friend to the small party on Donner Street? It sounded innocent enough. But after a night of heavy drinking and a $1,200 computer and $200 iPod went missing, suspicion, however fogged by hangovers, fell on the new guy. He awoke on the couch, but had been out for several hours. On probation for another bust, he admitted to officers that it looked suspicious, but said he was innocent. Searches of two residences he is connected with – allowed under probation terms – turned up zip.

August 4
Curbed enthusiasm

Officially, the police call was “suspicious person.” To the untrained passerby, it was two teenagers sitting on a busy curb drinking beer. Such was the unsavory tableau on display at 1 a.m. the 7-11 on West Napa Street. The Sonoma lads, ages 18 and 19, were “just hanging out.” As minors in possession of alcohol, they were duly cited.

Smash and go

Another burglary from a car, this one via a smashed window. At about 4 p.m., the window of a 1992 Ford Explorer, parked at the Sonoma Community Center, was busted  in to get at the purse on the front seat. Contents: credit cards, $40 cash, odds, ends.

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