Arrests & Incidents

June 25
Drunk of the Week
The car was a ‘95, but the registration tabs were 2004. Not an advisable combination, particularly when weaving down Sonoma Highway at 11:45 a.m. Pulled over after one final swerve (through two lanes and a left turn) at Verano, the inebriate produced an expired drivers license and admitted to having consumed one and a half glasses of wine. Between the inventive driving, slurred speech and the odor of alcohol (Chardonnay, perhaps?), the deputy had enough to ring the man up on a drunk driving charge.

June 27
Not tonight
An intimate moment went wrong in a hurry for a married couple on Andrieux Street. When the law arrived at about 1 a.m., the man, 26, was lying in the back of a car in the driveway, drunkenly bemoaning the fact that his wife of six years had threatened to kill him with a baseball bat. Cops cuffed the man for his own safety – he was later jailed for public intoxication — and went inside the home to get the wife’s story. While their two kids slept upstairs, she told deputies that an amorous moment went awry, escalating into a physical fight that she ended by threatening use of the aforementioned weapon.

June 29
What a rush
At CVS, a Fed Ex box was issuing a distinctive odor. An employee took the offensive package to the police station where a police dog gave it the sniff test. Marijuana. The shipping label may prove useful in the investigation, though the ‘From’ category is certainly bogus.

Bad apples
Nailing minors for drinking at the Farmer’s Market proved as easy as picking ripe fruit for two deputies on bicycle duty. The market has expanded to the area behind City Hall, once the Tuesday night province of packs of preening teenagers. Among the crowd there still, and fanning out onto the Plaza green, were on this night recipients of 19 citations, most of which involved underage drinking. (Even, it could be argued, the one charge of urinating in public.) The PD said it has received many complaints about the market’s faction of unruly youth; look for the bike patrol to continue its campaign to throw out the bad apples.

June 30
A late-night arsonist lit fires in two trash cans on the bike path at Sonoma Highway. One container, plastic, was completely destroyed. The other, in a metal can, had barely started. The fire crew made quick work of dousing the flames.

July 1

Basket case
Don’t leave your bicycle, an Electra deluxe cruiser with basket, unlocked on the side of the house. Chances are the $500 bike will be swiped, as happened overnight on the 100 block of Patten Street.

Can you hear me now?
Phone calls are a legal form of contact. Thus the incoherent messages he (28) left on her (41) machine violated the restraining order resulting from a fight the two, a couple of three years, had in May. He was arrested and legally barred from contacting her, including by phone. But around 9 p.m. he “had a panic attack” and dialed the woman’s number, leaving two rambling messages each nearly two minutes long. Visited by deputies, the man admitted the violation. He was arrested and taken to county jail.

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