Arrests & Incidents

June 18

Rock rage
A rock-throwing vandal struck Sonoma Marketplace – an early morning spree reported to police by a disposal truck driver at 3:45 a.m. Windows were broken at three businesses in the center’s northwest corner, and there was damage to a restaurant’s menu display case. No entry, no leads.

Missing the point
An intoxicated man was loitering at 7-11 on Napa Street at about 7:30 a.m. When asked for his name, he mumbled through what sounded like a fake response. Really, asked the cop? Yes, decided the 24-year-old, who was not carrying ID. Police ran the name, of which there was of course no record. Meanwhile, the man had made a casual but suspicious move to his pocket, revealing a sheath. Out came a knife and his real name, well known in Solano County for three no-bail warrants. Add a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon to the list.

June 20

Green-eyed monster
A man in a jealous rage was arrested for falsely imprisoning his pregnant girlfriend twice in one day by blocking her car – once with his own vehicle, and later with his prone body. The drama began at about 6:45 p.m. when the 20-year-old woman was taking a drive with three friends, one a teenager male. The car found itself on the street of the boyfriend/father, 29, who believes that it is disrespectful for her to be in a car with another male. He saw the passing car and “snapped.” He chased down the vehicle in his own car and blocked its path. Advancing to an open window, he reached in and began pummeling the passengers. The woman managed to drive away, leaving the man to face charges of false imprisonment, assault and battery. After leaving the police station a few hours later, who does the man see driving down First Street West but the girlfriend. He once again snapped, jumping in front of her car and screaming. He then lay down in front of the car, in the street, and claimed she ran him down. Next stop, county jail.

June 21

Drunk of the Week
Prior experience with this particular test was of no use – he flunked it then, too. The 34-year-old Sonoma man, driving without a license as result of a prior drunk driving bust, was seen by police at 9:30 p.m. swerving through lanes and a red light into Maxwell Village. Once stopped, he claimed he had not consumed any alcohol that evening, a statement compromised by slurred speech and an unsteady gait. He refused to answer any questions from the field sobriety test and, after a preliminary breath test showed a .159 blood alcohol level, declined the blood test despite it being a stipulation of his probation terms. (Which brings us back to no driving in the first place). The obstinate fellow even refused to provide his fingerprints at the Sonoma station. He was then booked into county jail, where he pled not guilty and was denied bail.

June 22

It was no picnic
Like fish in a barrel, inebriates and sluggards are usually easily found in the area of Depot Park. The fact that drinking is legal there, as an extension of the Plaza, certainly does not deter the behavior. Still, other laws concerning age and substance give police enough power to act as a broom in the occasional park cleanup. And so it was on this day, when a sweep of the area led to seven people charged with illegal activity. Two juveniles were cited under the social host ordinance for consuming alcohol. Another was busted for being in possession of said hooch; relieved of his bottle of brandy, one young man, 19, offered ruefully, “Oh man, I just had my first shot!” Three other park guests – a juvenile, a female, 20, and a man, 21 – were cited for being in possession of marijuana. Only one felony in the lot: possession of a controlled substance, by a 21-year-old Sonoma man, in the form of meth.

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