Arrests & Incidents

June 12
Crystal clear reception
It was the loud music blaring from the Ford Focus, parked in the El Verano Inn lot with one door open, that drew the attention of a sheriff’s deputy at about 2:50 p.m. Two men in their late 50’s were digging the tunes to the degree they forgot to stash the meth pipe. It was clearly visible in the door pocket. While the passenger took responsibility for the pipe, the man behind the wheel admitted to being on probation but thought that wouldn’t be a problem: he wasn’t driving at the time. Asked to exit the vehicle, the “driver” insisted on taking a black gym bag, which contained, he said, his “toiletries.” The bag drooped as if weighted, the police report said. Inside was a trove of felony-worthy methamphetamines in various bags, hypodermic needles, two pipes with residue and a small digital scale. A search of the car uncovered more illicit material, leading to a bust of the “driver” for possession of a controlled substance for sale. Passenger guy, for claiming the first pipe, was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A smash and grab in the 400 block of First St. W. A woman who works on the Plaza found a nearby parking spot, covered her purse with a coat, locked the car and went to work. Predictably, at least in this column, it was a less than wise decision. A thief shattered the passenger-side window and snatched the purse.

Love triangle has sharp edge
A Napa man, returning from the airport to the home of his girlfriend on Junipero Serra Drive, was retrieving a suitcase from the car at about 2 a.m. when another gent – he of the restraining order and last-call at a nearby bar – happened by on a bicycle. “You’re dead,” he said, and, on another pass on the bike, “you stole my girlfriend.” With that, the jilted lover rushed the boyfriend as he stood in the doorway, sending the two, both aged 54, tumbling in to the house. The boyfriend got the upper hand, perhaps after a sucker punch from his smaller adversary, and threw the cyclist out the door by his hair. Cops, responding to reports of a fight and female screaming (object of affections, age 49). En route they quickly spotted the assailant hiding behind a parked car. He faces charges of false imprisonment, assault and battery, burglary and more.

June 14
An attempted burglary at La Casa Restaurant caused $400 in damage. The 3:50 a.m. call revealed damage to an exterior door, but no trace of the culprit.

June 15
Deface in the crowd
An artist displaying paintings at the Farmers Market reported an unsavory act of vandalism. A juvenile drew a black line across one of the works, ruining it, before racing away into the crowd. The value of the painting had been $700.

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