Arrests & Incidents

February 1

Clean getaway
A thief with steady nerves and a battery-powered hand drill broke into the change boxes of 13 vending machines at the LaunderLand coin laundry in the Sonoma Marketplace. With no signs of forced entry, police figure the burglar entered the business when the front doors automatically opened at 6 a.m. The machine’s individual key holes were drilled out, and the change removed. The crime was discovered by staff at about 10 a.m. The total take was about $800, while the total haul was about 40 pounds.

February 2
Can this relationship be saved?

Surprising news for the owner of a long-missing Dodge pick-up. The 2007 Ram, reported stolen in Corte Madera more than six month ago, was found in Sonoma’s Maxwell Village parking lot. Center security called local police after noting the car had been parked there for three weeks. The truck was unlocked and undamaged, and nothing appeared missing — other than an explanation.

The Devil steals Prada
Few fashion accessories get more attention than a woman’s purse in an unlocked car. The driver of a Monte Carlo exited her Fourth Street West home to discover that sometime during the night, a thief had tossed the car’s interior. A clutter of school books and wallet filler remained, but gone: the title to the car, and birth certificates for her and her kids along with all their Social Security cards. Lots of paperwork in her future, along with, one hopes, a safe deposit box.

February 4

Discontinuing education
It was 12:30 p.m. at Creekside High School. Two boys, a laptop and a teacher were in a classroom. When the teacher excused herself to use the rest room, the teens’ collective IQ dropped lower than a pair of baggy pants. Their bright idea: grab the computer and take off. The instructor returned in five minutes to an empty room; the lads were spotted leaving the campus. Their names and addresses clearly known, police contacted their homes but nobody was as yet home. The computer, valued at about $1,000, is stamped with the blue School District logo and ID #5886.

Bad impression
The police filed it as a suspicious circumstance. The woman driving alone on a dark stretch of Napa Road at about 11 p.m. would probably add a few expletives to the description. She was heading home, westbound to Santa Rosa, when a single red light appeared in her rear-view mirror. She pulled over, but something was wrong. The black car resembled a police vehicle, but it was unmarked. The man approached her window and asked for her license, cop style, but he was wearing black, not a uniform. Beyond suspicious, the driver refused to hand over her ID, and insisted a marked police car show up to confirm the stop. The imposter, a white male, 6’ 1” with a heavy build, returned to the bogus police car and drove away.

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